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Byward Market (The Market)

ByWard Market (sometimes called By Ward Market, Byward Market or simply The Market) is a district bordered on the west by Sussex Drive, on the east by Cumberland Street. It stretches northwards to Cathcart Street, while to the south it is bordered by Rideau Street.

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Centretown (Downtown)

Centretown is defined by the city as "the area bounded on the north by Gloucester Street and Lisgar Street, on the east by the Rideau Canal, on the south by the Queensway Freeway and on the west by Bronson Avenue." It may also includes the Downtown core which runs from Gloucester/Lisgar to the Ottawa River

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Centretown West (Chinatown/Little Italy)

Centretown West lies to the west of Bronson Avenue, east of the O-Train tracks, north of Carling Avenue, and south of "Nanny Goat Hill", which is an escarpment to the north of Somerset Street West. To the east lies Centretown, to the north lies Lebreton Flats, to the west lies Hintonburg, and to the south lies Dow's Lake. Much of the neighbourhood makes up what is also called Dalhousie.
Somerset Street West is dominated by Chinese and Vietnamese businesses, and it is considered to be Ottawa's Chinatown. It also retains a large Italian-Canadian population in Little Italy centred on Preston Street, which is also called "Corso Italia".

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The Glebe

The Glebe is located just south of Ottawa's downtown area, with its northern border being demarcated by the Queensway highway. It is bounded by the Rideau Canal to the south and east and Dow's Lake to the west.

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Lebreton Flats

LeBreton Flats (also spelled Lebreton Flats) lies to the west of Centretown neighbourhood, and to the north of Centretown West with "Nanny Goat Hill" as the dividing line. The Ottawa River forms the northern limit.

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Lower Town

Lowertown (French: Basse-Ville) is a district in the central area of Ottawa east of downtown. It is bounded roughly by Rideau Street to the south, Sussex Drive and Ottawa River to the north, the Rideau Canal to the west, and the Rideau River to the east. It includes the commercial Byward Market area in the south-western part, and is predominantly residential in the north and east.

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Old Ottawa East

Old Ottawa East or just Ottawa East is a neighbourhood is located south of Nicholas Street and between the Rideau Canal and the Rideau River. The southern border is generally defined by Main Street and Riverdale Avenue. To the south is the neighbourhood of Old Ottawa South to the northwest is Sandy Hill. Old Ottawa East includes the Lees Avenue area.

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Old Ottawa South

Old Ottawa South is an older urban neighbourhood located between the Rideau Canal (to the north) and the Rideau River (to the south). The eastern boundary is defined by Riverdale Avenue and Main Street. Bronson Avenue forms the western border of the residential neighbourhood. Carleton University is on the other (western) side of Bronson but the campus can be considered to be geographically within Old Ottawa South as the campus is also nestled between the river and the canal.

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Sandy Hill

Sandy Hill (French: Cote-de-Sable) is a neighbourhood in Ottawa, Ontario located just east of downtown. The neighbourhood is bordered on the west by the Rideau Canal and on the east by the Rideau River. To the north it stretches to Rideau Street and the Byward Market area while to the south it is bordered by the Queensway highway and Nicholas Street. The area is named for its hilliness, caused by the river, and its sandy soil, which makes it difficult to erect large buildings.

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Lindenlea is bounded by Maple Lane to the north, Acacia Ave. to the east, Beechwood Ave. to the south and Springfield Rd to the west. (early residents would certainly have said Putman Ave.) Its neighbouring communities are Rockcliffe Park (north and east), Vanier (south) and New Edinburgh (west).

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Manor Park

Manor Park is a small residential neighbourhood located east of Rockcliffe Park.

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New Edinburgh

New Edinburgh is a small neighbourhood located to the east of the downtown core. It is bordered on the west by the Rideau River, to the north by the Ottawa River, to the south by Beechwood Avenue, to the east the border is less regular but is marked in part by Springfield Drive and Maple Lane. The shape is somewhat irregular, but it can be said to end where the old village of Rockcliffe Park ended.

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Rockcliffe Park

Rockcliffe Park is the wealthiest neighbourhood in Ottawa and is one of the most prosperous enclaves in Canada. The area is northeast of downtown, on the southern banks of the Ottawa River. It encompasses the small MacKay Lake, and the Rockeries, a rock garden and playing field maintained by the National Capital Commission (NCC). The largely francophone neighbourhood Vanier area lies to the south.

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Carlington is a residential neighbourhood bordered by Clyde Avenue to the west, Carling Avenue to the north, Fisher Avenue to the east and Central Experimental Farm to the south.

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Civic Hospital

Civic Hospital is bounded on the west by Island Park Drive, on the north by Queensway, on the east by the O-Train and on the south by Carling Avenue.

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Hintonburg is a working-class, predominately residential neighbourhood, with a commercial strip located along Wellington Street, located to the west of downtown. It is home to the Parkdale Farmer's Market, located at Parkdale Avenue, just north of Wellington. Its eastern border is the O-Train line, just west of Preston Street, with Centretown West / Somerset Heights neighbourhood to the east. To the north it is bounded by the transitway, along Scott Street, with Mechanicsville beyond. To the south it is bounded by the Queensway and to the west by Holland Avenue or as far west as Island Park Drive.

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Mechanicsville is located to the west of downtown and bordered by the Ottawa River to the north, the transitway railway to the east, Scott Street to the south, and Parkdale Avenue to the west. East of Mechanicsville is LeBreton Flats, and Tunney's Pasture is directly west.

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Tunney's Pasture

Tunney's Pasture is exclusively developed for Canada's federal government buildings. It is bordered by Scott Street to the south, Parkdale Avenue to the east, the Ottawa River Parkway to the north and Northwestern Avenue to the west. While strictly speaking it is confined to this area, people living in the vicinity of it will often call their neighbourhood Tunney's Pasture.

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Westboro (Westboro Village)

Westboro is located along the Ottawa River, the neighbourhood is bordered on the east by Island Park Drive, and on the west by Woodroffe Avenue. The Southern border can be stretched up to Carling Avenue. Westboro's northernmost point is a little more ambiguous, but is generally acknowledged as the Ottawa River.

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